Pernod Ricard QR Program

Client: Pernod Ricard
Date: July 14, 2015
Services: User Research, UX, UI


In China, 30% of alcohol bottles are counterfeit.

Being able to trace the bottle you have in hands and make sure you can see it’s a true, authentic product is key in Chinese market, where counterfeit items are getting harder to spot at first sight.

We helped Pernod Ricard China phase out their plan to reassure the consumers by focusing on bringing an intuitive scanning and checking experience.

We had to embrace a total approach towards the users, understanding their needs and fears, and considering factors such as communicating the benefits, organizing the information and displaying it when needed, adding incentives, and bringing trust… all by minimizing the numbers of steps required and keeping the layout as minimal as possible.


Placing the users first, with direct feedback and improvements during the process

We met with plenty of users during the process, chosen among diverse typical user categories we were targeting (regular consumers, new consumers, sales, promotional people, bartenders,…) for face-to-face interviews, checking the existing mock-ups and beta versions “on-the-go”. Every single interview – asking questions, or to perform a task, and watching people do – was a real eye, and mind opener. Rather than working from assumptions, we were able to experience what was working, and what was less intuitive, in a fast and efficient way. We know then how far we went until then, and could plan better what to do next.