Runner Camp Shanghai

Client: Runner Camp
Services: Interior Design
Year: 2016
Program: Retail
Location: Shanghai

Located in a busy commercial corridor, this pop up shop takes advantage of the two major directions that people circulate to offer two different perspectives of the brand.

In the saturated marketplace of Shanghai, the brand-making role of retail spaces is only becoming more important. For this reason we considered the siting of the shop in a busy corridor, one end leading to a metro station, the other to a shopping mall, to be of primary importance. Since the site has two main directions of approach, we used angled shelves to create a system that appears different from both sides.

Approaching the shop from the shopping mall side, the visitor is presented with a large anamorphic logo upon a wood background. Seen from the other side, the design presents a system of product displays. Additionally, two central display islands showcase the primary product of the brand: running shoes.