Supor Lunchbox

Client: Supor
Date: September 1, 2017
Services: Opportunity, Concept, Cosmetic 3D, Mock-up


“how could a lunchbox win over Millennials to reduce packaging waste and to promote healthy living?”


Blank and Supor’s design team developed a solution that follows health and environment concerns by revisiting the traditional food box.

Easy to use. Easy to set-up.

Simplistic. Lightweight. Portable.

No phone. No PC.

Standalone design free from cables.

Suspended design.

Ultimate comfort with headband bridge.


Technology meets lifestyle.

Soft and generous curves that look comfortable, altogether with a careful selection of fabrics with rich colors that stand out. This mask is really made to fit into your life.

We helped BOE undestands that technological accessories makes an aesthetic statements about the end-user, and that only true-tech geeks make purchasing decisions based only on engineering innovations.


Extensive research for the best fit.

Advanced S-shape headband that literally supports the screen in place and balance the weight on the forehead rather than the face. The mask can be used for extensive amount of time with ease.