Supor Lunchbox

Client: Supor
Date: September 1, 2017
Services: Opportunity, Concept, Cosmetic 3D, Mock-up

Design Brief

How could Supor win over Millennials to reduce packaging waste and promote healthy living?

Blank and Supor’s design team developed a solution that follows health and environment concerns by revisiting the traditional food box.

We saw an opportunity to disrupt the market, as most of the current lunch boxes are food tools, not attractive enough for the young generation.


Behaving responsibly, and saying NO to disposable packaging.

Healthy living.

Know what you cook and give the best to your body.


Revolutionary design with emotional statements.


Classy yet practical.

Bright and energetic colors that bring fun and pep to the daily routine… Our lunch  box is for sure your grandma box. It revives a timeless classic to make it trendy and iconic. Not to mention its subtle pattern around the body that finishes to give it a contemporary look.

But it’s more than just style. We spent a good amount of time figuring out how to enhance the lunch and transportation process, without over complicating things. Our box features smart details and soft materials that makes it truly unique and easy to use.

Double layer.

Keeps the food warm, and your hands safe.

Soft-touch handle.

Carry the box wherever you please.

Steam management.

A simple button to release pressure.